Drew Butera

Let’s Play #LameDuckLineup – 2014 Edition

These are the games that are fun in their meaninglessness.  The roster has expanded.  The permutations for lineups are amazing.  But why should we let Don Mattingly have all the fun in trying to come up with the craziest, but still  playable, lineups for the last three games of the season.

Mike Petriello over at Dodgers Digest had some thoughts about how different guys might get used in the next few days.  He even noted that Michael Young saw a start at short in the waning days of the 2013 season.

Prepare yourself for some hilarious baseball this weekend. I imagine we’ll see Joc Pederson finally get a start or two for the first time in three weeks. I wouldn’t be surprised if A.J. Ellis, Drew Butera, and Tim Federowicz all got a start behind the plate. Maybe Alex Guerrero will finally get his first major league start, with it being a coin flip as to whether that’s in left field or at second base. Maybe Andre Ethier will get some playing time. Ha, no, that’d never happen. Maybe Don Mattingly will let a player manage the final game, as Joe Torre used to do when it didn’t matter, and I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that it would be fun to see Ellis get a head start on his inevitable managerial career. (I don’t believe Mattingly did that last year, though. ButMichael Youngdid get to start at shortstop. That was… fun? And then seemingly minutes after the final out, we learned Matt Kempwouldn’t be joining the team in the playoffs. Ugh.)

So, while sitting in a boring meeting, I pulled together what my favorite lame duck lineup might be.

If I turn that into a batting order it looks like this…

1. Barney – 2B
2. Guerrero – LF
3. Ethier – RF
4. Van Slyke – 1B
5. Pederson – CF
6. Arruebarrena – SS
7. Rojas – 3B
8. Federociwz – C
9. Hernandez – SP

Wow.  That’s pretty amazing.  And don’t forget, I’ve got Butera coming in for the save!

What would your best lame duck lineup look like?



Rocky Mountain High! Best of Social: 9.16.14

After the amazing offensive output by this Dodgers team over the last three games, I have to pinch myself to see if I’m dreaming.  Well, this week, I’m probably just Rocky Mountain High.  I’ve come to dread these series in Denver.  They usually have some sort of tragedy unfold – Kemp smashing into walls, Puig getting hurt, Ethier getting hurt.  Well, Ethier really shouldn’t get hurt unless he gets splinters on the bench.

Let’s keep the streak alive! Here are your observations of tonight’s important game.



What’s Your Walk-Up Song?

(Originally posted on The Social Clymer)

I’ve been watching so much baseball this year, especially my beloved Dodgers.  It seems every night, there’s a conversation happening online about the players’ walk-up music.  This year, the Dodgers have really out done themselves with their music choices:

1.  The most talked about walk-up has been Matt Kemp’s use of “All Night Long” by Lionel Richie.  Lately, he’s been throwing some “Latch” in there too.

2.  Adrian Gonzalez has stuck with his music through the year.  “El Mariachi Loco” has been a welcome sound to Dodger fans with runners in scoring position all year!

3.  Everybody’s favorite new addition to the team, Justin Turner, hits everyone with “Turn Down for What.”

Honorable mentions are Clayton Kershaw’s “Cat Daddy,” “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift for A.J. Ellis and Drew Butera rick rolling everyone with “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

What makes the perfect walk-up song?

There’s really a lot to think about when considering what your walk-up song might be.  I’ve put together a few simple rules:

  1. Must have a catchy opening hook. The song should be either instantly recognizable (think “Back in Black”) or just grab you from the first few beats.
  2. Must to be related to winning, sport or somehow magnifying yourself.  If a song just sounds nice and is about having tea with your grandma (ain’t no party like my nana’s tea party. hey. ho.), then it’s not a good walk-up song.
  3. Must be BIG! It can’t be some little song.  This needs to fill Chavez Ravine and grab 50,000 fans by the shorts!
  4. Must inspire you! I have no idea if these guys can hear these songs on the field or not, but I’d like to think they can get them a little jacked up for their at bat. So, the song has to get you fired up!

What would my walk-up song be?

On my commute home from work, I listened to my favorite songs list trying to find candidates for my walk-up song.  I think I found some good ones.  Here were some of the ones I came up with.

I’m sure I’ll be adding more as I continue to think about this. Let me know in the comments or on Twitter what you think your walk-up song might be!

Thank God for the Diamondbacks! Best of Social, 9.6.14

After the heartbreaking – no, SOUL CRUSHING – defeat against the Nats on Wednesday night, the Dodger Social gang took a step back. In the midst of an up and down season, there’s been one consistent source of hope: the Arizona Diamondbacks.  The Dodgers have played them consistently well this year.  Might be some sort of special blessing from the waters of the pool from last year?

Let’s hope that trend keeps up tonight.  Here are the sights and sounds of tonight’s game through the eyes of the best fans in baseball.


JOC! Best of Social: 9.2.14

Note: I hadn’t planned on covering tonight’s game until I saw that Joc was starting. Glad to see his first MLB hit. Sad I had to see it on a Nats broadcast. Now, I’m going to bed!

This is the game so many fans have been waiting to see: Joc Pederson in the starting lineup.  I can’t imagine a scenario where his first at bat tonight will compare with the pressure cooker situation he was in last night.  Kershaw on the bump. New faces in the field.  It’s time for Dodger baseball.

Here are your insights, pictures and updates!



Breaking: Joc Pederson to Start in Center Field for Dodgers Tonight

In news that is sweeping social media, Dodgers call up Joc Pederson will start tonight in center field to give slumping Yasiel Puig a night off.  According to a tweet from @jphoornstra, Don Mattingly asserts that Pederson is the best true center fielder on the Dodger squad.

Eric Stephen takes it a step further and says that with Puig out, Pederson helps to provide the best defense behind Kershaw.

After last night’s exciting at bat in the bottom of the ninth, starting this game and batting seventh should seem downright boring!

I’m looking forward to seeing what Joc can do.  Reports from the stadium are that he’s already putting on quite the show in batting practice.


Top Image Source: http://dodgersdigest.com/2014/03/25/dodgers-consider-pre-mlb-deals-joc-pederson-julio-urias/

Joc's debut

NL West vs. NL East Leaders,
Best of Social: 9.1.14

Post game note: Another painful game to watch, but made worthwhile by the intense drama in the bottom of the ninth. I really enjoyed watching Joc Pederson’s final at bat and wasn’t overly disappointed at the result. Good lessons learned, but I like the way he stood in there.

In my house there is one baseball rule that is worth repeating… We can cheer for the Nats, just not when they play the Dodgers.  The house rules are in effect and the the two titans play tonight.

Here are your comments, pictures and analysis.

Top image source: https://twitter.com/danielbrim/status/506644124184096768

The Dodgers Expand Roster:
Someone Old. Someone New.
No One Borrowed. All New Blue.

The big news today is not the show of offense last night or the pending visit of the NL East leading Nationals. The big news right now is the expansion of rosters for the stretch run.

This is welcome news to a lot of Dodger fans. With the bullpen struggling and key hitters slumping, it’s nice to see some familiar faces, some exciting prospects and, all in all, a breath of fresh air into a team that’s been trying to find a way to win.  As all the trade deadlines have come and gone with no new moves, we will also not be borrowing renting any talent that will just get thrown back on the market in the winter. I’m actually ok with that. There’s just something about working from the hand you’ve been dealt.

All in all, six players will be joining the team today with a handful more to come.  Here are the guys that have been announced so far.

Someone Old

We have some familiar faces rejoining the team.  One from injury and a couple from Albuquerque.

Tim FederowiczAs has been his way the last couple of years, Fedex has been lighting it up in Triple-A (.328, .383, .555, .938), but can’t convert against big league pitching.  This year, he was up briefly in LA during some of A.J. Ellis’s time on the DL and put up a line of .131, .189, .230, .399.  That’s a pretty impressive split.  Maybe if he starts on nights when we face pitchers called up during the expansion, he’ll be ok.  Right?

Carlos Triunfel

Triunfel does not bring a lot of offensive excitement with him to LA.  He sports a blazing .133 avg. in LA and wasn’t really any better in Albuquerque at .223. He’s got a pretty handy glove, but has not been mistake-free.

Chris Perez

In his time with the Dodgers this year, Perez has been streaky.  Hairy, chubby and streaky. (Guess that means we could be brothers or something.)  So the bearded tornado will roll back into town from the DL with 39.1 innings pitched and 30 Ks, but 22 runs from 36 hits, 6 home runs and 21 walks.  Here’s hoping we’re getting him when he’s on a hot streak.

Someone New

Now this is where it gets exciting.  We’ve been hearing about these prospects all year and have been waiting to see what their talents could provide to the big league club.  I’m hoping that we get to see them and that they can bring a new sense of fun, heart and enthusiasm to the team.

Joc Pederson

What more can be said about Joc? First 30/30 season in the PCL since 1934. PCL rookie of the year and MVP. Fans have been clamoring for his call up since last season. Does he have the Puig magic to make an impact right away for this team?  Will Mattingly give him the opportunity? i sure don’t want to burn the kid too soon, but this Dodger team has been riding on the shoulders of a few players all season. We could use a fresh back to take some of the load.  Give Joc a chance!

Alexander Guerrero

It’s too bad that most people will remember Guerrero’s inaugural season in the states because Miguel Olivo took a bite out of his ear. His slash line in Alb has been amazing (.329/.364/.613/.978) and he’s heading to LA in the midst of a hot streak after his return from plastic surgery and ear rehab.  Here’s another guy that is made to contribute now.  Will he be given the chance? He’s been playing a lot of 2b and some outfield in AAA this year.  Here’s hoping we can find a spot for his bat and his talent.

Yimi Garcia

Garcia is a guy we’ve been hearing about for a couple of years.  With a depleted pen and shaky starting pitching, he’s going to get some chances.  He’s been great in AAA this year with 61 IPs giving up only 21 earned runs and 18 walks with 69 Ks.

Of the three new guys, I think Garcia will get the most chances.  I just hope that when push comes to shove, Mattingly shows a willingness to change a formula if it’s not working.  In September, he’s got the flexibility to do just that.  If he’s willing.



Are the ’14 Dodgers a World Series Caliber Team? Best of Social 8.30.14

POST GAME NOTE: Question answered.

This is the question I keep asking myself.  Is this team really good enough to win it all?  Their record seems to suggest that they are.  But, when I watch them play, I certainly have some doubts.  Tonight is one of those nights that I’d like to see an answer to that question.  I want a statement game from this team that says, “We’re ready.”

So, let’s see how they do against the Padres tonight.  Here are the sights and insights of the game through your pictures and tweets.


The pool is that way.

Excuse me. Which Way Is the Pool? Best of Social 8.27.14

Can you really call it a sweep if it’s only two games?  Well, I will anyway.  Tonight the Dodgers take the field with a strange-ish lineup.  Rojas at third. Turner at first.  Van Slyke out in LF.  Here’s hoping they can give Clayton the run support he deserves.

Here’s what you have to say about the game in tweets and pictures.  Follow along with @DodgerSocial for even more news during the game.

Picture Source: http://insider.espn.go.com/blog/buster-olney/post/_/id/2005/a-burgeoning-belief-in-yasiel-puig